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Naturally Beautiful Mulches

Naturally Beautiful Mulches - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies Calgary - Featured Image

As the autumn remulching season continues, we thought we’d take a moment to talk about what makes the top quality, natural mulches here at Soil Kings so special. We offer a variety of aromatic, beautiful mulches, but two of our most popular varieties are our black premium mulch and our vivid red mulch.


All Natural Colour.

We love the look of an elegant, organic brown mulch, but sometimes a landscaping project just calls for a burst of colour or a muted black that the simpler mulches can’t provide. That’s why we’re proud to offer Calgary landscapers superior quality, synthetics-free, dyed mulches. Our black and red mulches get their striking colour from natural, vegetable dyes and mineral colourants. These simple but powerful dyes typically hold their colour fairly well for at least three years.


Remember that, as a biodegradable product, mulch slowly breaks down in your garden and flowerbeds, becoming a useful soil augmentation, that increases drainability, helps hold moisture for your plants, and provides nutrients. This natural process is one of the reasons we recommend choosing mulches without synthetic dyes. Any colouring agents will eventually end up in your soil.



In addition to only using naturally sourced ingredients for the dyes, our black premium mulch and red mulch are both made recycled wood pieces. By choosing to use a recycled source of wood, your landscaping can benefit from beautiful mulch without contributing to deforestation.


Freshening Up Mulch.

While the slow decomposition of your mulch is great for your soil, it does require some maintenance. Ideally, mulch should be freshened up every year or two, to ensure adequate depth for controlling weeds and insulating your desired plants from temperature fluctuations. Many landscapers and homeowners choose to mulch in the spring, but autumn is also a great season for mulching. The weather is cooler, which can make this labour-intensive task less challenging. And the burst of colour and fresh texture will help your home maintain it’s curb appeal into winter.


At Soil Kings, we pride ourselves on supplying only the best landscaping products at an affordable price. To learn more about our superior quality mulches — both dyed and undyed — contact us today at 403-452-LOAM (5626) or order your favourite mulch online and have it delivered tomorrow!