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Considering 2020 Landscaping Trends

Considering 2020 Landscaping Trends - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

Every decade has its own unique flavour of landscaping trends and design choices which are fueled by the current economy, societal fears, and cultural perceptions of its time. Similarly, the importance of environmentalism and maintaining native ecosystems have also experienced a mental boom. Calgarians are more interested than ever in growing organic produce in their gardens, and non-foodie landscapers are choosing indigenous flowers, shrubs, and trees which can thrive with minimum maintenance and water.


With the new pandemic spreading world wide, we can only imagine things will be changing further. Mandated isolation and social distancing may very well have a lasting effect on our culture. But at Soil Kings, we choose to be optimistic. We hope the closing of movie theatres and shopping malls doesn’t push Canadians further apart in fear, but reignites a passion for appreciating our outdoors.


Contemporary Landscapes.

Outdoor living spaces, including kitchens, dining areas, and lounging living rooms, are increasingly popular. The main trend for these outside spaces is sleek and simple landscape designs. While many Calgarians continue to include some contemporary art and a minimalist fire or water feature, the contemporary style is casual, with clean lines crafted with simple, natural hardscape materials. Contemporary landscapes should have clear focal points, but they shouldn’t be busy or complicated.


As Calgarians feel locked in their own homes by coronavirus, these outdoor rooms and spaces are going to be integral to our well being and sense of community. As the weather warms, Calgarians should make an effort as a community to move our lives outside. We can design and craft outdoor kitchens and dining areas, so we can see, wave to and talk to our neighbours again — while easily respecting the 2 meter social distancing.


Eco Savvy Landscaping.

Another trend we see becoming popular in 2020 is an interest in low maintenance, ecologically friendly landscaping. Across the globe, people are interested in reducing their carbon footprints and water usage — choosing yardsmart annuals and perennials that can thrive in Calgary’s climate allows gardeners to craft gorgeous yards that burst with colour — without increasing their water bills.


Victory Gardens.

Also known as War Gardens, Victory Gardens were a civic response to food rationing during the first and second World Wars. The food grown in these gardens was integral to reducing demand on food supplies and boosting morale. Gardeners left behind at home were empowered by growing their own food, and they could see their contribution to the war efforts growing before their eyes. With the onslaught of COVID-19, agriculture supply stores have been unable to keep up with demand. Baby chicks are selling out faster than they can be restocked and seeds and seedlings are selling out as well. We won’t be surprised if contemporary Victory Gardens define landscaping trends in the 2020s.


But Canadians know that protecting our natural water resources means more than just less irrigation. It means using fewer fertilizers that can leach into the water supply and choosing natural composts and rich garden soil blends which can feed plants naturally. It means using mulch to prevent the erosion of topsoil, while simultaneously aiding in the natural moisture retention of your soil.


At Soil Kings, we hope Calgarians use these challenging times to craft something beautiful in their yards. While Italians sing from their balconies to stay connected to one another, Albertans can grow flowers and food; we’ll breathe colour and life into our yards and communities as a demonstration of our solidarity in these difficult months. And if you need any all-natural compost, top quality mulch, premium garden mixes, or more this summer, feel confident that you can order online from Soil Kings and have your landscaping materials delivered contact free.