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Why Fall is the Perfect Time for Hardscaping

Fall Hardscaping

Autumn is here, and while that may be a sign to pack up your landscaping tools and call it a year, this doesn’t strictly mean your outdoor plans have to be put on hold just yet. While the chill in the air may mean the possibility of planting lush grass, blossoming flowers or bountiful veggies is far from likely, there is still hardscaping you can do with your outdoor space to have it be a marvel — even in the fall. 


Hardscaping, the cousin of landscaping, is the act of laying out stone and gravel work to accompany your outdoor space. While your summer may have been taken up with planting flora, applying bordering or aesthetic stonework to accompany your outdoor space may have slipped past your means while you were busy picking flower beds. This is why fall is perfect for hardscaping.


Harsh weather doesn’t impact stone work or gravel work, so if you’re looking to build a greenhouse for next year or a fire pit for right now, autumn is the perfect time to begin laying the groundwork for your next hardscaping endeavour. 


Hardscaping also provides the opportunity to lay the foundation for what you envision your outdoor space to look like for next year. So if there are pathways or walkways that you want to implement, restructured borders for your garden or a separate stonework space  — fall is the perfect time to get started on your newest project. 


If you’re having trouble getting into the right mindset for hardscaping, contact our landscape supply team today! We can walk you through the hardscaping process and help you pick the right materials for your next big autumn project!