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Why You Should Top Off Your Mulch Before Winter

Top Off Mulch Before Winter

Winter is often the end of the gardening season as we know it. Unless you’re planting snowmen, snow is the usual indicator that it is time to pack up your gardening tools and start making plans for next spring’s gardening season. However, before you begin drafting strategies for next year’s outdoor oasis, there are some crucial steps you need to take before the frost sets it. 


How do you do this? Primarily, by taking into account the health of your soil, its condition and what it needs before it enters its months-long hibernation. 


Your soil has been fed a robust diet of nutrients and fertilizers over the spring and summer, and it would be a tragic waste to let the elements sap it of these benefits. So, how do you counteract the harsh realities of winter? Simply, by reinforcing your soil so it not only stays protected but also, incubated and fed. 


Once you have tilled your soil and have given it its regiment of compost and fertilizers, it’s time to add a necessary extra layer of protection, ideally in the form of top mulch. 


The best kinds of landscape suppliers should be able to provide a variety of mulches, some colourful, others aromatic, but for the most part, practical.


When it comes to protecting your soil from winter, a practical top mulch that is purpose-built to retain moisture, as well as heat, will keep your soil cozy from the elements. This way, you don’t have to concern yourself with what kind of impact winter has on your garden, as top mulching and well-maintained soil will put it in a state of stasis and protection until next year. This means you get to cozy up over the winter, knowing your garden is protected. 


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