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Amending Your Garden Soil for Next Year

Amending Soil for Next Year

That chill in the air is finally here. 

While this seasonal change may have you scrambling to pack up your gardening tools and make sure that any root vegetables you have in the ground get harvested before the frost sets in, there are, in fact, numerous ways to make sure your soil is primed for next year’s gardening season. 

The spring and summer season over this last year has resulted in you putting in high amounts of effort, and more importantly, materials into your garden and outdoor soil. While this endeavour has resulted in an outstanding outdoor space, if you want your garden to thrive next year, you’re going to have to make one final push to make sure your garden endures. 

Amending your soil is the functional act of looking at what state your soil is in, breaking it up, and making sure it has enough room to breathe over the winter. What you want to do before old man winter arrives for good, is to till your soil and add additional organic materials or compost to keep it fed while it remains on standby for the next gardening season.

 Autumn is the ideal time to amend your soil, and much like the addition of any nutrient-heavy compound to your soil, you’ll want to add equal parts soil, compost and organic material. 

Once the soil is amended, you can also add an extra layer of protection on top to protect it from the elements over the colder seasons. This can be in the form of shredded bark and other aggregates that help incubate soil. 

If you need any assistance getting supplies to help amend your soil, contact us today!