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Using Decorative Rock

Using Decorative Rock - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies Calgary

Calgary’s climate isn’t super conducive to the lawn grass that most homeowners try to grow. Perhaps this is why so many lawns in Calgary are often a dormant, yellow-brown as July ends and August begins. Calgarians who are tired of fighting mother nature have turned to landscapers to create beautiful, low maintenance yards using a variety of decorative rocks. Landscaping rocks have become increasingly popular because they are cost-effective, control weeds with minimal maintenance, and create a natural looking, elegant yard.


Choosing the Right Decorative Rock

When used optimally, decorative landscaping rocks can set the tone for your client’s entire outdoor space. Creamy, round river rock, or smaller tan rock, can both add warmth to a yard. Limestone is a lovely grey-white and is perfect for brightening up shady areas, while purple sparkle rocks is typically used alongside houses or around trees & shrubs. For a sleek, contemporary look, Rundle Rock brings a modern, charcoal colour to landscaping elements. Decorative rocks vary in upfront costs, but they last forever. Choosing the right decorative landscaping rock — one your clients will enjoy for years — is an extremely affordable investment.


Where To Use Decorative Rocks

Aggregates like stones, large rocks, and tiny pebbles bring colour and texture to your client’s landscape. While more expensive than mulch up front, rocks are much more durable ground cover option. Mulch needs to be replaced every 2 to 4 years — though the decomposing mulch slowly releases nutrients into your soil, which is its own benefit in flower beds.


Around a favourite shrub or tree, stones can be used to create an effect known as a “living sculpture.” They turn a prized tree into a growing art piece, and when correctly installed on top of a weed barrier, three or more inches of landscaping rocks also effectively discourage weed growth. Dark stones like rundle rock contrast charmingly with the bright greens of foliage, while rainbow rock provides a warm, natural look.


Decorative stones are also perfect alongside the house. Often directly beside your home, there is either too much or too little sun for most plants to thrive. Pebbles and large stepping stones or brick can be used to create a tidy, picturesque pathway along the house, which will also serve as a practical way to keep socks clean when your client darts out to the garbage or compost bin.


At Soil Kings, we love decorative rocks of all types. From grey/white limestone to purple sparkle rock or dark rundle rock to colourful rainbow rock, landscaping stone is one of the most effective and affordable tools available for creating beautiful yards that are virtually maintenance free.That’s why for the month of July, we’re offering a 10% discount off of all our decorative aggregates! Choose the perfect colours and textures for your clients from Soil Kings’ collection of high quality aggregates then order your landscaping material online and have them delivered the next day!