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Garden Mix or Aged Compost?

Garden Mix or Aged Compost? - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies Calgary

As you work on your client’s yard to craft lush flower beds, beautiful gardens, and a healthy lawn, you’ll need an affordable and dependable source of top notch soil. Whether you decide to purchase high quality soil amendments and work with the dirt your client already has or start from scratch is going to depend on your budget, schedule, and design.


Our Aged Compost is made from various Alberta composting programs. This is the same aged compost that we use in all of our in-house garden mixes, and it packs a nutrient punch perfect for even the most delicate plants. Our composed is aged and made from mostly leaf and yard waste to reduce the acidity. It is an excellent choice for plants of all types, from trees and shrubs to flowers and vegetables. Till 1 part compost to at least 5 parts loam, into your existing soil at least 2” of depth. You may also want topdress the beds with an additional quarter inch of compost.


Our Garden Mixes are both high quality garden soil blends at different price points.


Our first garden mix is a 70/30 mixture of our fertile loam and aged compost. After blending our topsoil and compost, we screen our garden mixes a second time to ensure all of our soil blends are free of large clumps and extremely easy to work with.


Our KINGS Premium garden mix is one of our favourite products. This special soil is blended half from our nutrient-rich screened loam and half from soil amendments. Along with extra compost to enrich the soil and sustain better, healthier plant growth, our KINGS Premium garden mix also has fine mulch mixed in to improve water retention. This is one of the best draining and most workable, premium garden soils available in all of Calgary. It’s perfect for creating new gardens for your client or reviving existing areas that need some extra help.


Saved Time or Increased Flexibility.

When it comes to choosing between buying aged compost or a ready-to-use garden mix for your client, it’s going to depend a lot on the client’s design, priorities, schedule, and budget. If you’ve created new raised beds for the client, a garden mix is the perfect choice. But if your client is looking for a specific compost to soil ratio in their gardens, then the added flexibility of having your team add amendments may be preferable. In the end, whether you choose our finished soil blends or till compost into the existing soil comes down to saving time or having complete control over the soil amendments.


At Soil Kings, you’ll find the best garden mixes and soil amendments available in Calgary and area. And don’t take our word for it! We’re happy to email you the soil tests to prove just how fertile how garden mixes really are. For bulk, top quality landscaping supplies, there’s no better source than Soil Kings. Contact us online today or come by our landscape supply yard at 71 Technology Way SE to see and feel our products for yourself!