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Top Uses for Decorative Rocks Around Your Yard

Top Uses for Decorative Rocks Around Your Yard - Soil Kings - Landscape Products Calgary

We’ve spoken before about how much we love the variety of aggregates available to Calgary landscapers and homeowners. At Soil Kings, you can find washed rocks in a variety of sizes, as well as truly special aggregates like Rundle Rock, Alberta Rainbow Rock, Limestone, and Purple Sparkle Rock. Decorative rocks are extremely low maintenance, and they add texture and colour to your landscaping. If you’re not sure how decorative rocks can serve you, here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Combat Weeds & Erosion.

Many Calgarians have decided to get rid of their lawn. While lawns can look lush and beautiful, they can also be a time and energy hog. Rocks offer a low maintenance and affordable alternative. Unlike a lawn, rocks don’t need to be mowed or watered. Placed over landscaping fabric with a depth of 3-5 inches, aggregates will also effectively control weeds and prevent erosion.

Pathways & Drain Beds.

Whether you want to create an elegant pathway through your front yard or a practical one in your garden, aggregates are one of the best options for affordable, durable paths. Small stones can be complemented with larger flat rocks or cement blocks in a variety of shapes. You can also use a variety of different rocks, such as limestone, purple sparkle rock, or Alberta rainbow rock, to make a stone mosaic pattern. Another great use for aggregates is as a drain bed. If the water flowing from your eavestroughs isn’t doing anything useful, you may want to use aggregates to create a small creek bed that can move the water to your garden or even just down your yard to the nearest city drain.

Where to Use Rocks.

Aggregates are wonderful addition to your yard. Their affordability and durability can’t be overstated, and they add texture and colour regardless of the season. However, rocks aren’t a perfect option for every part of your yard. Aggregates absorb heat easily, so they can dry out soil and cook your plants roots. This means it’s best to use mulch around delicate flowers and plants. For large shrubs and trees, however, rocks are a great choice. They’ll control the weeds and should never need to be replaced. Stone is also a particularly good option around your home. Rocks are fireproof, and they can be help drain water away from your foundation and onto your lawn.

At Soil Kings, you’ll find everything you need for creating your own home oasis. Our wide variety of rocks gives you the option to play with textures and colour in your yard’s new design. We always have plenty of rocks on hand for you to see and feel our aggregates before you purchase, so feel welcome to come by our location at at 71 Technology Way SE anytime during open hours. If you bring your truck, we’ll even load your vehicle if you decide to purchase. Completing your landscaping project has never been so easy; get started at soilkings.com or come by our location today!