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How to Work With Contractors

How to Work With Contractors - Soil Kings - Landscape Supplies Calgary

Did you know Soil Kings offers special pricing for contractors? That’s right, we care about our strong relationship with landscapers in the Calgary community, so we’ve devised some tips for our non-contractor customers on how to best collaborate with landscape artists.

The Best

It’s important to remember when you are commissioning work for your lawn or garden that your contractor is looking out for the best for your garden. They have a serious amount of knowledge when it comes to the short and long-term requirements of a garden. Their skill will be useful when it comes time to think of a long-term plan, like if you plan to plant more than just flowers in a particular area, or what you’d like future soil to be used for. If they’re asking plenty of questions about your future intentions for the area, this is why.

They Will Be Juggling Multiple Jobs at Once

In order to be sure that your garden doesn’t come together haphazardly, your contractor will make a plan for the most efficient bottom-up construction. But they will be juggling multiple workers on different schedules, and waiting for deliveries from different sources. Ask questions, but be patient. If your contractor is waiting on a delivery of mulch, aggregate, or soil, remind them that Soil Kings does next day deliveries on most of our products!

Come With a Few Ideas…

…but leave the specific planning to the contractor. They want to leave you with good work, so any hesitation to make your ideas happen is due to scale. Their prior knowledge of how a choice of aggregate, mulch, or soil will affect your garden in years to come. Our best advice is: meet in the middle. After all, it is your home and your space, so stand by your creative ideas, but they’ll be able to advise on specifics. You should try whenever possible to use their experience to your benefit.

Now is the time to construct a lawn or garden that you’ve always dreamed of. Use our offer code MAY10 to receive 10% off your order here, or call us at 403-452-LOAM for next day delivery (and don’t forget to remind your contractor!). We hope to hear from you soon.