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Using Landscape Fabric

Using Landscape Fabric - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Products Calgary

When it comes to controlling weeds and providing stability to hardscaping and aggregates there are few tools as versatile and effective as landscaping fabric. Landscape fabrics come in a variety of sizes and materials; they inhibit weed growth by effectively limiting both sun exposure and root growth in areas where plants are undesired. Here are just a few places where landscaping fabric can benefit your yard.

Flower Beds.

It may seem odd to place landscaping fabric, which is made to prevent plant growth, in your flower bed. However, when used carefully, landscaping fabric can reduce weed growth and competition for the desirable plants you want to grow. You’ll position the fabric around your plants, so that the fabric cannot interfere with those plants getting enough light nor with their growing roots.. Remember to mark where your perennials, like tulip bulbs, are planted, so that these areas remain uncovered as well. Once you’re satisfied that all of your plants can grow unhindered by the fabric, choose your favourite mulch or aggregate to go on top of the fabric.

Under Patios or Decks.

Nobody needs weeds growing underneath their deck and sticking out through the cracks in the boards. One of the best ways to prevent this unwanted plant growth is using landscaping fabric and an inexpensive aggregate. Lay fabric down beneath where you’re planning on building your deck. Then cover the fabric with 2 or 3 inches of rock. Otherwise, build your deck or patio as planned.


Another area where most Calgarians have no need of plants is beneath pathways. However, there are many fantastic pathways that utilize moss or grass between stones, and if that’s your preference, landscaping fabric is likely not the best choice for you. For everyone else, laying landscape fabric beneath the medium that will hold the stones helps to provide better stability and keep everything level and in place for years to come.

Landscape Fabric from Soil Kings.

We’ve always prided ourselves on offering Calgary landscapers and homeowners superior landscaping soils, mulches, and aggregates. But we kept hearing from our clients that it would be simpler and more convenient if they could also order their landscaping fabric at the same time. Which is why we’re pleased to say, now you can! We sell landscaping fabric in rolls that are 240 feet x 45 inches with 50 staples for just $80.

To order landscaping fabric, give a call to our sales line, 403-452-LOAM (5626) ext. 1. We’ll be happy to add it to your delivery, or just ask for some fabric when you come to pick up your order at 71 Technology Way.