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Tips on Improving your Soil Quality

Improving your Soil Quality

If you’re starting to notice a decline in the quality of your soil, there are some easy solutions to improve your base foundation for your outdoor space. If you’re beginning to see dehydration in your dirt, plant yield decline or discoloration, you can integrate rapid fixes to get your garden or flowerbed up to your standards. 


You can always apply a soil test to see exactly what the issue is, however, if the situation has reached such a pinnacle, you can always eyeball your soil or scoop some up and get a feel for the state it’s in. 


Working from the top down, you can apply a mulch solution to the surface of your soil. This helps moisture retention and encourages your soil to maintain its nutritional value. We offer numerous mulch compositions that you can integrate into your garden; this rapid fix doesn’t require too much groundwork and can help your soil endure the elements. 


If you want to get right down to the marrow of your garden’s makeup, compost is always the ideal way to keep your soil at its best. We have a great aged compost available!


Additionally, once all of the tools have been implemented, you can look at more self-sufficient solutions. Once mulch, compost, and of course, adequate hydration has been applied, make sure you aren’t over-compacting your soil. 


Gardens, lawns and flower beds are living things, and like many living things, they need to breathe, so make sure you’re allowing your soil to stay loose and free, so the necessary nutrients can flow in the proper manner.


If you aren’t sure about improving the quality of your soil when planning your next landscaping venture, contact us. We’ll help you find the right materials, for the right price!