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How to Use Sand in Your Landscaping

Sand in Landscaping

While inspecting your outdoor space you may start to notice areas that are in need of attention. When confronted with these trouble spots that could use a little better function or fashion, one great solution is sand. How do you make sure that you use sand in landscaping to the best of your advantage? Firstly, by looking at where it is easiest to apply. 


Primarily, sand makes a fantastic base for landscaping since it compacts so easily. It works in tandem with pavers that lay out a foundation for brickwork, so you can create a perfect outline of your outdoor vision. Additionally, sand works perfectly as a boundary for any bordering plant life or flower beds. Say you have some concerns that erosion will impact the consistency of these areas, well a little sand goes a long way, and this will help keep these areas under control while also keeping them tidy. 


Sand can also be used for secondary aesthetics, such as integrating other colourful stones and aggregates and making a sand garden. This is an area that can be used for observation or personal use, with the application of fountains, furniture and other outdoor implements. 


Save for the visual applications of sand, there are many other practical uses, such as hardscape features. Areas which are being designed with the intention of pathways or walkways can benefit immensely from sand applications. Use sand as a base for paving projects and then apply your stonework of choice over it – this will help keep your walkways even and tidy. On top of this, sand can also be used for walkway maintenance. 


If you have any questions about sand applications, reach out to our team! We’ll help you pick the right tool for the job, so you can get started on your landscaping dreams!