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Unique Mulch Ideas For Your Garden

Unique Mulch

There are numerous ways to adapt mulch solutions for your outdoor space. We offer a variety of options, all of which can help your garden and outdoor space with functional benefits — while also incorporating flourish and fragrance that will round out the entire ensemble of your yard. 


Now, there are numerous angles one can take to apply mulch. Initially, mulch always serves as an amazing addition to your soil bed, locking in moisture while also protecting your soil and seedlings from the elements. 


However, there are many other ways you can take this malleable product and make it work for your outdoor space. You can use it to create a border for your plant life, so your soil perimeters don’t spill over. Additionally, mulch can be used to add some flare to your outdoor space, like with our red mulch and black premium mulch


These options will not only add some function to keeping your yard outlined but they will also provide a huge amount of eye-popping colour, so it won’t just be your plant life showcasing how immaculate your yard is. However, mulch isn’t limited to stimulating just one sense as mulch, such as our cedar mulch provides a rich aroma that will work in tandem with any fragrant plant life you have planted. 


Functionally, mulch has multiple uses. You can use it to fill gaps in walkways, or just be the base material for paths in your garden altogether. Additionally, you can also use mulch to base areas for potted plant life, so they still integrate into the bulk of your garden’s flora. 


If you have any questions surrounding mulch, its uses or how to acquire the right amount for your garden, you can always reach out to our team of supply specialists and we’ll point you in the right direction!