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Make your Landscaping Projects Easy with Soil Kings

Landscaping project of an outdoor garden

  Gardening season is a great time to take on some exciting landscaping projects. Landscaping projects require a lot of work, planning, and even more materials and can range from simple DIY projects to complex designs that require professional assistance. Whatever you choose, you can make your landscaping projects easy with Soil Kings. At Soil Read more

How to Choose the Right Type of Landscaping Rocks for Your Garden

different kinds of landscaping rocks in garden

  Rocks are a great addition to a garden landscape. They add texture and provide a low-maintenance, long-lasting cover for the soil and its surrounding environment. Rocks come in different sizes, textures, and colours. Besides beautifying your garden, rocks can be used to control weeds, reduce soil erosion, and keep pests away. Rock landscapes can Read more

Reasons Why Your Yard Needs Mulch

Reasons Why Your Yard Needs Mulch

Do you ever wonder why so many green spaces in Calgary cover the top of soil beds with pieces of bark? It’s actually called mulch, and there’s many reasons why Calgary green spaces should use it to help plants grow! Keeping it Fresh: Firstly, it helps conserve the moisture of soil. Mulch helps prevent natural Read more