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Alberta Rainbow Rock

Alberta Rainbow Rock - Soil Kings - Landscaping Supplies Calgary

Here at Soil Kings, we’re very excited to share with you our new product: Alberta rainbow rock! If you need to change up your landscape, this addition to your garden is low maintenance and beautiful.

Alberta Rainbow Rock is an Absolute Favourite when it comes to aggregates for Calgary landscapes. We think we know why; because this aggregate is multicoloured and complements the colours that appear in your garden in any season. Lovely brown and tan sand coloured hues match the fall weather as leaves fall from trees. The pinks and blues compliment blossoming flowers in the summertime. Our favourite thing about Alberta rainbow rock is that when it rains in Calgary, the colours of your aggregate change too! When wet, Alberta rainbow rock takes on new shades that are a surprising delight in stormy weather.

Big or Small?

This aggregate, unlike others, comes in two different sizes. Choose which you prefer based off of the purpose of the area you’ll be covering. If it’s an area you’ll be walking across often, you may want to go for a smaller size aggregate. If it’s purely for show, then go ahead and splash your landscape with the large-sized Alberta rainbow rock. Either way, they’re absolutely stunning.

Dirt Cheap!

That’s the best thing about this offer! Our Alberta rainbow rock is half the price than you find elsewhere, but the quality is never compromised. In fact, our customer service makes Soil Kings the safest choice when installing an aggregate. That’s because we often deliver same day or next day, so your landscaping project isn’t delayed before winter hits.

Get a landscape in your garden that stands out from the rest. Alberta Rainbow Rock goes with absolutely any house or garden colour palette, so the choice is easy. To get this new and exciting aggregate, call Soil Kings today at 403-452-5626!