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Screened Loam vs KINGS Premium Garden Mix

Screened Loam vs KINGS Premium Garden Mix - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies Calgary

If you’re in the market for soil, you’ve probably noticed that at Soil Kings, there is a wide selection of different soil products available at a variety of budget points. Because of this, we often have folks asking which soil is the best. Of course, best is subjective, and it really depends on your particular project. So let’s discuss the basic differences between a basic screened loam and a premium garden mix.

Screened Loam is normal dirt that has been poured through a screen to remove large debris like roots and large rocks . The soil is made up of clay, silt, and sand.

You’ll also find unscreened loam at Soil Kings, but unless you want to screen the raw loam by hand, unscreened topsoil is mostly just good for filling up holes you don’t plan on using.

Screened loam, unlike raw loam, is a high quality product that has numerous uses. Soil Kings offers the highest quality screened loam in the Calgary area. Instead of using 5/8ths screens like our competitors, we use smaller half-inch screens. This means that more debris is screened out and you can enjoy an easy to work with soil. If you’re on a budget or prefer to add your own fertilizers, screened loam is a fine choice for lawns or flower beds.

KINGS Premium Garden Mix is made using our screen loam as the base. However, there’s a lot more to KINGS Premium Garden mix than just clay, silt, and sand. Plants need nutrients to thrive, and they get those nutrients from decomposed, organic matter. That is why we add a healthy amount of compost to our mix.

To establish long, healthy roots, plants also need soil to retain water. Mixing mulch into the soil, helps to increase water retention in a way that greatly benefits plants. It also prevents the soil from getting as compact when people step on it.

KINGS Premium Garden mix is a 50/50 mix of our high quality screened loam and soil amendments. Specifically, we add aged compost, made from the city composting program, and a fine natural mulch.

This winning combination of superior screened loam, fine mulch, and extra compost ensure that your soil is enriched. In gardens and flower beds, your plants should benefit greatly. Homeowners and landscapers who invest in top-grade garden mixes, like KINGS Premium, see healthier and more vigorous plant growth. We also recommend KINGS Premium Garden Mix for top dressing your lawn. But make sure you don’t add more than an inch of soil on top of your established lawn and new grass seed.

At Soil Kings, we’re proud to offer the highest-quality screened loam in the Calgary area. But sometimes, your yard needs something a little special. For lush, beautiful plants, there’s no better garden mix that KINGS Premium Garden mix. Order online today.