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New! Purple Sparkle Rock

Calgary Landscape Supply Yard

Soil Kings is excited to share this new aggregate for our Alberta customers: Purple Sparkle Rock! Read this article to receive a discount code for your purchases this May.

Light Up Colours

One of the best things about purple sparkle rock is the opposite effect it has on everyone’s mood when it rains. That’s because when purple sparkle rock gets wet, it’s colours come to life! The pink and purple hues start to shimmer with beautiful light up colours in your garden after rain has fallen. For an even more interesting colour combo, try pairing purple sparkle rock with limestone.


This is undeniably the best colour. Are you purple obsessed like Marie Schrader on Breaking Bad? You don’t have to go that far into purple-fancy to see that this aggregate is the best we offer. Purple sparkle rock will set your garden apart from any other landscape on the block. It looks great on the edges of gardens or around greenery, as purple and green are complementing colours.

Why Add An Aggregate?

Aggregates are great at protecting soil and can even benefit it over time as the minerals wash away. Purple sparkle rock aggregate is quite large which is great at protecting the surrounding area of trees. This is because sensitive roots around a tree can be prone to over watering or being invaded with weeds, which will strip the area of moisture.

There are plenty of reasons to choose an aggregate, but just one reason to choose this aggregate: it’s going fast! Use our promo code MAY10 to receive 10% off your order online here, or call 403-452-LOAM for next-day delivery from our Calgary location.