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Early Mulching for Your Garden

Early Mulching for Your Garden - Soil Kings - Landscape Supplies Calgary

Make sure you pick up some mulch from Soil Kings this spring – mulching is an essential first stage in preparing your 2018 garden. Read this article and receive a discount code to get your healthy garden started!

Different Types of Mulch

At Soil Kings, we offer a variety of mulch for different garden aesthetics and needs. Our black premium mulch and red mulch are examples of the variety of colours you can choose to go with a landscape design unique to you. We only use vegetable based dyes to achieve these colours with our mulch, so you can be sure that superficial design won’t impede on the nutrition offered to your soil.

Mulch Is an Investment for Your Garden’s Future

The type of mulch that you choose will affect the health of your soil for years to come. Consider what nutrients are being added to your garden or lawn today. Do you have a pet? Is there fecal matter that is often deposited into the soil? Is your garden in the sun or shade? All of these factors will determine which type of mulch is best suited for your garden or lawn. As mulch decomposes, it provides added benefits to the soil.

Large or Small

Large mulch, like our black premium mulch or Parkland mulch, is great for tree beds to protect young roots from nature taking its course. With these larger strips of wood you are protecting young tree roots from weeds and helping to retain moisture in the soil by blocking some sunlight.

Don’t miss out. Mulch is important to get at this time of year to ensure a healthier garden for you this summer. Don’t let your garden dry out. Think mulch = moisture. Calgary’s Soil Kings is pleased to offer our customers the discount code MAY10 to get 10% off. Buy mulch by the cubic yard online here or call 403-452-LOAM for next day delivery.