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Limestone for Landscaping

Limestone for Landscaping - Soil Kings - Landscape Supplies Calgary

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Uses of Limestone

Limestone is an antacid, made up of calcium carbonate. Mushroom farmers will use limestone to counteract acidity on a top layer of soil, which allow a higher yield to grow. In steel, iron, and glass making processes limestone is used to balance chemicals because it is a stable alkaline substance. Limestone is great for environments prone to acid rain because it can counterbalance acidity.

Limestone in Alberta

Limestone can be found in Alberta in the foothills and mountains. It can also be found in British Columbia, The Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. Limestone is a sedimentary rock, which is a type of rock which forms when particles of different types of debris are shifted by nature in different ways, through water, air, or gravitational force. It can be formed during the process of soil erosion or be leftover from an area that used to be a waterbed.

Colour Matching Limestone

Grey to tan in colour, this type of stone will brighten up your garden whether it’s in large blocks or small pebbles. The calcium carbonate composition will do wonders for your garden by neutralising acidity over time. Its carbonate will dissolve into a soil bed, adding its properties to the soil. Limestone really is a beautiful and practical investment for your garden this spring, with alkaline minerals that just keep on giving!

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