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Convenient Deliveries and Pickups

Convenient Deliveries and Pickups - Soil Kings - Landscaping Supplies Calgary

When you’re on a job, you’re managing a handful of tasks whilst trying to keep everything well timed in order to do a great job as quickly as possible. We want to help, so we’ve made our delivery and pick-up of products as efficient as possible.

Next Day (Sometimes Same Day) deliveries or pickup are both options. We know that you can’t wait a week to get the soil, mulch, or aggregate that you need, let alone speak to three different suppliers for each product. In one convenient location, you can order everything that you need, and with the tools we have on hand this can be done quickly with no extra labour. Here’s how:


We have a fleet of 10 large dump trucks. To put that in perspective, our competitors often only have 2 or 3, which leads to a backlog in delivery. We charge a single flat rate for delivery within Calgary, no matter the scale of the project. We’re also bag-free, so we are able to dump the soil, mulch or aggregate right where you need it, the next day. If you can’t plan ahead, and have your own truck for the job, you can come right to us for a pick-up. We’re even open Saturdays for Weekend Warriors!


From a quick browse on our website, it’s plain to see that we stock the variety and quality that every good landscaper deserves. We stay on top of new popular products that are “in style” for homeowners or designers. If it’s worth selling, we have it in stock at very competitive prices.

There’s no place like Soil Kings when it comes to quality products delivered efficiently. We’re here to meet your needs through every step of the process. Don’t see what you’re looking for online? Need a quote for an order and delivery? Give us a call now at 403-452-5626 and we’d be happy to sort it out.