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Increasing Property Value with the Right Landscaping Materials

Increasing Property Value with the Right Landscaping Materials - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

One question we hear a lot is: can landscaping improve your property value? Absolutely! In fact, landscaping is unique in that it immediately increases your property value, but that value added can continue to grow as long as the landscaping is maintained. Take planting trees for example. Young trees are great, but mature trees are better.


The right landscaping decisions can cash out to tens of thousands of dollars when it’s time to sell. On average, you can expect a home with a beautifully landscaped yard to have a price advantage of between 5-13% over a similar house in the same neighbourhood with no landscaping. For a $300,000 house, that equates to an extra $15,000 to $39,000 in value.


Keep it Small.

While big overflowing gardens are gorgeous, they can also be intimidating. As you get ready to sell, you don’t want your yard to look like a whole lot of work. A high-quality premium garden mix in small and medium-sized beds will allow for gorgeous blooms, but remember to freshen your curb appeal with a liberal layer of mulch over a layer of weed barrier. It’ll ensure potential buyers see elegance without maintenance.


Think Minimalist Maintenance.

In the line of reducing work, think about where you can use aggregates effectively to balance practicality with aesthetic design. For example, a line of aggregates bordering your house and dividing gardens or fences from lawns make it far easier to mow! In Calgary, patios where you can relax or barbeque are also very popular.


Consider planting trees that can offer shade, but also provide homes for attractive backyard fauna that are simply beautiful to look at. Choosing a high quality screened loam and mulching around young trees (be sure not to have the mulch touch against the tree’s trunk!) will allow your trees to stretch into the sky faster.


A mature garden that is well cared for sends a great message for any would-be home buyer. It’s a clear demonstration that for the last few decades, this house has been looked after by someone who cares. Buyers are going to read into your beautiful landscaping and trust that the other aspects of your home are in equally excellent maintenance. As you plan your landscaping, try to keep maintenance needs down while appealing to minimalist and contemporary design aesthetics. These are more likely to appeal to a larger audience than ornate designs.


Whether you’re working with a landscaping contractor or planning a DIY project, Soil Kings has the best landscaping materials in Calgary at a price that can’t be beaten. All of our products are available for next day delivery, so you can order today and get started tomorrow. Order online now.