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Different Ways You Can Incorporate Landscaping Rocks into Your Design

Different Ways You Can Incorporate Landscaping Rocks into Your Design - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

While every element of your garden, from the flowers you grow to the towering trees, work together to create the overall feel of your yard, the stones you choose tend to have an exaggerated effect on the tone of your landscaping. Everything from their colour — warm purples and tans, bright whites, cool greys and blues, or formal black? — to their size and placement contributes to the look and feel of your yard.


Replace Mulch.

At Soil Kings, we can’t overstate how much we love mulch. It’s beautiful, aromatic, improves the soil, reduces weeds, and so much more. But rocks have their own advantages as ground cover. They need to be replaced less frequently, and also come in an almost limitless range of colours, allowing for striking contrasts that would be difficult to achieve with mulch. Consider, for example, utilizing bright limestone to juxtapose dark foliage in order to lighten a gloomy corner.


Living Art.

Contrast can also be used to call attention to specific areas of your landscaping. A favourite tree or large shrub can become a living sculpture that acts as a focal point for your yard. This is best achieved with a mature tree, as younger trees will benefit extensively from mulching. Install a weed barrier around your tree, then cover the barrier with medium-sized river stones that draw the eye.


Low Maintenance Container Gardens.

Container gardens are popular for their deck, but we’re happy to see that Calgarians are expanding this minimalist gardening style beyond the patio. Container gardens can be a headache on the deck as each pot will need to be individually watered, but by replacing your grass with a rockscape complemented by vases, barrels, and other containers filled with plants, you can take advantage of your sprinkler system for a low maintenance landscaping solution.


Remember to use a weed barrier beneath your rockscape, and choose a bright aggregate — we recommend purple sparkle rock or Alberta rainbow rock — to surround your pots. When the garden gets watered, the vivid rocks will be strikingly beautiful.


Keep the Grass Back.

Whether you want to keep the lawn back from your house or garage (making it easier to mow) or need to stop the grass from encroaching into your flower beds, rocks are one of the best tools. With an appropriate weed barrier, rocks are the optimal material for keeping plants in place. Rock borders are also elegant, and they can help divert water away from areas you don’t want it.


There are few landscaping materials that are as beautiful and practical as rocks. At Soil Kings, you’ll find a wide range of aggregates in a variety of colours and sizes at an affordable price. Order online and have them delivered to your yard contact-free!