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Garden Soil Mixes

Garden Soil Mixes - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies Calgary

To get beautiful flowers or lush vegetables in your garden this summer, it’s important to take care to pick which soil will work best. At Soil Kings, we offer two different garden mixes that are sure to give your garden that extra boost it needs to thrive over the summer.

The 7030 Garden Mix

It’s easy to remember what is in our 7030 Garden Mix—70% screened soil and 30% compost! Once these two components are mixed together it goes through another screening process, ensuring that our customers only get nutrient-rich and fertilized soil.

Our KINGS Premium

This remarkable garden mix takes everything that makes the 7030 mix effective and takes it to greatness. With 50% screened soil and 50% amendments made out of our own compost and fine mulch, the KINGS Premium is packed with nutrients and offers significant water retention, soil aeration, drainage, and more to encourage more vigorous growth in your garden.

What Is Garden Mix Good For?

First and foremost, compost and topsoil helps the moisture in the soil for your garden. This creates the environment for good things to grow. Vegetables that grow roots into the ground find it more difficult to root if there is debris that has not been screened from the soil. This also makes it difficult for areas to retain moisture if there is no good circulation of water in a soil bed.

Why Buy Our Garden Mixes?

When you get our garden mixes, they are ready to plant into! You do not have to further amend the soil in any way. If you would like to see an example of possible results using our garden mix, check out the two photos near the bottom of our home page.

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