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Where to Use Different Aggregate Sizes

Where to Use Different Aggregate Sizeshy Choose Soil Kings? - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies Calgary - Featured Image

At Soil Kings, you’ll find a huge range of different aggregates. That’s no surprise. As a premier supplier of landscape materials, you’d expect to find stones in many colours — like purple sparkle rock, limestone, rundle rock, and Alberta rainbow rock, but what surprises many homeowners is how many different sizes of each rock type we have available.


Tiny Pebbles, including pea gravel, are aggregates ranging from around 7-14 mm, or about the size of a pea. We offer a variety of pebbles, including 14mm Washed Rock, 7-10mm Round Natural Washed Rock, 10mm Rundle Rock, 10mm Limestone, and 7mm washed Gyra rock. Pebbles are ideal as a pathway material and are often also used in driveways. We also recommend our 14mm washed rock or our 7-10mm round natural washed rock for dog runs.


Small Stones vary in size from about 15mm up to 25mm. We carry many of the same types of aggregates as both pebbles and larger stones, such as 25mm Washed Rock, 20mm Rundle Rock, 20mm Round Natural Washed Rock, and 20mm Limestone. However, this is also the smallest size we offer for many of our choice aggregates, like 20mm Alberta Rainbow Rock and 20mm Tan Rock. This size of aggregate is extremely popular and lends itself well to numerous purposes, including weeping tile, dog runs, drainage, and as a decorative stone along the side of houses or as a decorative element of general landscaping.


Medium Sized Aggregates include rocks as large as 45mm. We provide Calgary landscapers with 40mm Drain Rock and 40mm Rundle Rock, as well as difficult to find 40mm Round Natural Washed Rock, and (one of our favourite aggregates!) 40mm Alberta Rainbow Rock. These larger sized aggregates are very attractive and work beautifully around houses.


Large River Rocks are between 2 to 8 inches (or around 50-200mm). These larger rocks add additional texture to landscaping, and may be an interesting contrast to the smaller stones. They can be used as decorative stone in rock gardens, pond construction, and bank stabilization.


At Soil Kings, we stand behind all of our landscaping supplies, but some of our favourite products are our aggregates. From purple sparkle rock to Alberta rainbow rock, we’re proud to offer Albertans an affordable option for high quality and beautiful aggregates. Come by our location at 71 Technology Way SE, Calgary AB to see and feel all of our landscaping products today. We’re certain you’ll be impressed.