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The Dos and Don’ts of Mulching Young Trees

The Dos and Don'ts of Mulching Young Trees - Soil Kings - Landscaping Supplies Calgary

Mulch in gardens, flower beds, and vegetable patches is practically essential in our dry Calgary weather. But too much of a good thing does no good either! Read on to hear about the best practices for adding mulch to your landscape.

What Does Mulch Do?

Although we stock different varieties, the main purpose of any mulch is to contain moisture within soil and prevent weeds from making their home in unwanted areas. Keeping those intentions in mind, there are a couple things you should avoid when laying mulch around tree roots, especially in their early stages. Too much, too little, or poorly placed mulch can cause issues.

Avoid a Tapered Bed near the roots. If the soil bed of your tree is raised, adding mulch can create a small hill that rises towards the trunk. If this is the case, water which lands close to the trunk can slide down the layer of mulch, and miss crucial areas for watering. Don’t let your precious water slide off. Calgary is dry enough!

The Thickness of the Mulch Layer should be, at a maximum, 3 inches. Too much mulch provides cover from predators for rodents looking to nest near to the roots of the tree. If that’s the case, you can say goodbye to healthy tree roots, as they may be dug up by small animals. Keep the mulch just enough to cover the soil, but not too much that it that it invites a new ecosystem! Think of it as providing as much protection as a windbreaker, not a goose-down jacket.

On the upside, mulch provides great protection when used properly. As it decomposes, it provides essential nutrients as it takes on a new life as the next layer of soil. With plenty of varieties to choose from on our website, you should get on protecting your tree beds today! Call us at 403-452-5626.