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Why We Maintain Strong Relationships with Local Contractors

Why We Maintain Strong Relationships with Local Contractors - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

Landscaping projects take a lot of thought, planning, and hard work. They also take a lot of material. This is why at Soil Kings, we have always valued the relationships we’ve built with various landscaping contractors and businesses in Calgary and the surrounding area. We know that Alberta landscapers work hard to offer the best services at the best price, which is why we offer special pricing to contractor clients.


Easy Ordering. Contractors have always had multiple easy ways to place their orders, and that hasn’t changed. We offer contact-free ordering for all of our customers, including contractors. We invite our contractor clients to place their orders on our main phone line: 403-452-LOAM ext. 1. They also have other options to reach us and place an order as well, through text or email.


Same-Day Pick-Up & Delivery. At Soil Kings, we understand that sometimes the landscaping materials you need for your project can wait a few days and sometimes it can’t. That’s why Soil Kings offers next-day delivery on all orders. And if it can’t wait, we also invite contractors to pick up their landscaping materials directly from our Technology Way SE retail yard as well as our three soil screening locations.


Our team will load your truck for you, and we’ve worked hard the last few months to ensure pick up is contact-free in order to keep you and our team safe during this pandemic. Materials are available for pickup any time during our hours of operation (Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm and Saturday 8 am-2 pm).


Green Business Practices. With our towering Rockies and flowing rivers, Alberta is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. So it just makes sense that Calgarians cherish our natural environment and want to work with landscapers who can craft beautiful yards without harming the land. We’re proud to be your partner in providing organic soil, mulch, and aggregates. All of our landscaping supplies are delivered in bulk with no bags. It’s just doing our part for a better world.


Special Pricing. As a small, local business, it’s always been our goal to offer Calgarians the best landscaping materials at the lowest price — far lower than our competitors. But for local contractors, we go the extra step; after all, we know that you have to make a living too! To learn more about our special contractor pricing, reach out by filling out our landscaping contractor form today. We know you’ll appreciate the quality of our landscaping supplies and the fact that we always have all of our products in stock! We accept cash, debit or VISA/MC right on site, and we invite Calgary contractors to request opening a credit account with Soil Kings.


For over a decade, it’s been our privilege to be known by many Calgary contracts as the best supplier for landscaping materials in Calgary. We welcome all general contractors to contact us with their questions or to purchase landscaping materials today.