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Top 3 Modern Landscaping Ideas for This Spring

op 3 Modern Landscaping Ideas for This Spring - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supply Calgary

The doors are open at Soil Kings, and we couldn’t be more excited to jump into another year landscaping. For over a decade, we’ve prided ourselves on supplying the best landscaping materials to Calgary homeowners and commercial landscapers, and we have every intention of continuing to support Calgary’s growing love of landscaping as homeowners across our city update their lawns with the latest landscaping trends.

Outdoor Fire Pits.

An outdoor firepit is a cozy addition to any backyard. Opening up possibilities like weiner roasts and toasted marshmallows, an intimate outdoor living space centered around a fire can quickly become your family’s summer hub for meals, relaxing, and reconnecting away from screens. The city of Calgary allows homeowners to build or purchase fire pits, as well as outdoor fireplaces, wood burning ovens, and Chimeneas. You can read up on related the city bylaws here.

Remember that while your fire pit must legally be built on either brick or stone, it’s also a good idea to have stones radiating half a metre out from the pit. Our rundle rock, in a variety of sizes, is a great choice for use in and around fire pits. As a naturally beautiful charcoal grey, rundle rock provides a sleek elegance that won’t be stained by ash.

Separate Outdoor Living Areas.

More and more Calgarians are trying to find ways to disconnect from their work and busy online lives. In pursuit of this goal, Calgary homeowners are rediscovering their backyards as a retreat from the bustle of city life. Of course, there are many ways to put your outdoor space to work. You can create a luxurious outdoor kitchen centres around the barbeque and completed with a comfortable dining set. Alternatively, a cozy living-space focusing around a fire pit or water feature, can create a zen oasis that’s perfect for unwinding.

If you’ve been using your yard for more than one thing — or are planning to — one of the latest landscaping trends is to transform your yard into separate outdoor “rooms.” Your dining and cooking area could, for example, be up on your deck or patio near your indoor kitchen. Your lounging space could be below, near your flower beds or beneath a shady tree. Plants, aggregates, and hardscape features, like retaining walls, can all be employed for distinguishing the separate spaces.

Low Maintenance Landscapes.

If there’s one thing we could all use, it’s more time enjoying our yards and less time maintaining them. One of the 2019 landscaping trends we’re most excited about is the push towards crafting highly usable spaces that don’t require a lot of work. This is done with hardscape elements, investing in aggregates & mulches that control weeds, and choosing low-maintenance plants that are native to southern Alberta and thrive without excess watering. The City of Calgary offers a long list of great annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees that thrive in our climate. Our top-quality loam and garden mixes are perfect for helping your favourite plans to flourish. Many Calgarians are also reducing how much grass they keep, establishing rock gardens and outdoor living areas instead.

Is 2019 the year you finally start getting the most out of your yard? Soil Kings is Calgary’s number one supplier for all your landscaping materials. We have the top notch soils, mulches, and aggregates you need to make the beautiful backyard oasis you’ve always wanted. And just for May, use the coupon code MAY10 to get 10% off your order and delivery.