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Choosing the Right Landscape Supplier

Choosing the Right Landscape Supplier - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies Calgary

Many Canadians put a lot of value on having a well kept yard. We Albertans take pride in our homes, and no one wants the embarrassment of having the worst kept lawn in the neighbourhood. But, Albertans are also increasingly more busy at work. For many Calgary homeowners, that means making the smart decision to hire a landscaper to craft a beautiful and low maintenance yard. But as a Calgary landscaper, how do you choose the best supplier and products for your clients?


The right supplier will welcome you to visit their location. At Soil Kings, we have samples of our loam, soil blends, mulches, and aggregates on hand at 71 Technology Way SE Calgary. We do this not only so that our products can be picked up, but so that customers can come to see and feel our products. We know that we sell top quality landscaping supplies that will meet or exceed your client’s expectations, and we’re happy to show them off!

Our screened topsoil, for example, is screened through a 1/2″ (12 mm) screen. It’s our honour to say we offer Calgary’s tightest screened soil as our competitors use larger, 5/8″ screens. Come by Soil Kings at  71 Technology Way SE Calgary and feel the difference for yourself!


Your clients have two big considerations: how their yard looks when it’s finished, and how much it’s going to cost. When you choose the right supplier, you don’t have to choose between quality and affordability. You get both.

At Soil Kings, we strive to offer only the best soils, mulches, and aggregates at a fair price. You’ll find stunningly beautiful Alberta Rainbow Rock in 20mm and 40mm sizes for less than $200 per cubic yard! We charge just $110 per cubic yd of 20mm Rainbow Rock or $140 per cubic yard for the larger 40mm size.


The final considerations when choosing a supplier for quality bulk landscaping materials is the company’s reputation and history. You want a supplier you can trust to take pride in the materials they offer and to do things right. You can’t have your project held up by a slow supplier, so it’s vital to work with an experienced team who has the manpower to get you the supplies you need, when you need them. Choose a supplier that’s been in the business for at least 5-10 years. That way, if you run into challenges or need more of a specific product, you can be certain your supplier won’t disappear between one season and the next.

Soil Kings has been serving Calgary landscapers and homeowners for over 10 years, and we offer next day delivery, sometimes even same day. For the best quality, bulk landscaping supplies at a great price, there’s no better supplier