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Landscaping Season is On! Do You Have the Materials You Need?

Landscaping Season is On! Do You Have the Materials You Need? - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies Calgary

The sun is shining, the days are warm, and we are excited to be back for another great landscaping season in Calgary, Alberta. Landscaping projects are starting all over the city, and we’re proud to be Calgary’s best supplier of bulk landscaping materials. From mulch to aggregates, garden soil to sand, and everything in between, make Soil Kings your first choice source for everything landscaping.


We’re pleased to offer a great variety of top-quality mulches.

  • Our Bowcrow Mulch™ and Parkland Premium Plus™ Mulch both feature an aromatic blend of  shredded pine and spruce bark which delights both the nose and the eyes.
  • Our Cedar Mulch is an elegant red colour, and the small shredded pieces make it hard for gales to it blow away — the perfect choice for Calgary.
  • Our all natural, red and black premium mulches use recycled wood and vegetable dyes for a vividly bright, eco-friendly mulch.
  • Our Montane Garden Mulch is gorgeous and wonderfully aromatic. It makes a great accent for more sheltered areas of your yard.


At Soil Kings we are so proud of our wide selection of truly special aggregates.

We offer Purple Sparkle Rock, which is a beautiful, pink-purple decorative stone that is perfect alongside your home or around trees and shrubs. Purple Sparkle Rock can be used by itself or blended with our 20mm Limestone, to add some shimmery white.

A favourite offering at Soil Kings is our 20mm and 40mm Alberta Rainbow Rock. Both of these rocks are naturally round and strikingly colourful when hosed off. On the opposite end of Rainbow Rock is Rundle Rock in a variety of sizes. Rundle rocks are an elegant charcoal grey rock. Our small 10mm rundle rock is perfect for pathways.


Construction and landscaping of all forms requires a lot of dirt, and you’ll find it all at Soil Kings. We have affordable, quality clay to use as a base in building and construction projects. Our screened loam is the finest available in Calgary; it’s perfect for the lawn or garden. KINGS Premium Garden Mix features our screened loam combined with our prized compost and fine mulch, creating a top-notch soil that sustains healthier and more vigorous plant growth. Our premium garden mixes hold the moisture your plants need, while draining away excess water that could cause root-rot. These garden mixes offer increased workability, extra nutrients, and quality you can feel.

Spring has arrived, and Soil Kings is open for business! We offer all the landscaping materials you need in the quality you expect. Use coupon code MAY10 to get 10% off your order.