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Landscaping Considerations for Next Spring

Landscaping Considerations for Next Spring - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies Calgary

Autumn and winter may seem like a quiet time for Calgary garden and landscaping enthusiasts. But, while it’s true there is less manual labour to accomplish, this is an important time for planning and ensuring your garden and yard starts off spring strong. So as the leaves (and soon the snow!) blow around outdoors, curl up with a cup of tea (or stronger beverage of your choice) and start thinking about next year!

Ambitious Additions.

Have you been considering adding an outdoor patio, kitchen, or deck for a few years now? Outdoor kitchens, in particular, have become extremely popular. Centering around the barbeque, a sophisticated set up offers ample prep space and a luxurious atmosphere for cooking and entertaining during the summer months. With several months before the ground thaws, now is a great time to create a budget, decide which features you want, and consider which part of the yard should be transformed. We recommend choosing a spot that gets good shade during the evening. Also make sure you won’t have problems with water pooling in the area.

Come Up with a Plan.

With this year’s landscaping and gardening successes (and challenges) fresh in mind, now is the perfect time to evaluate what worked well and what needs improvements. Take a hard look at both your front and back yard; is everything meeting your needs? If not, it’s time to dream up your perfect backyard oasis. You’ll have all winter to hash out the details and decide which parts of the plan you’ll be implementing come spring.

Seek Professional Landscaping Help.

If you know you aren’t happy with your current landscaping, but you aren’t sure how to organize all your ideas onto paper, don’t worry. These upcoming cool months are a great time to consult with a few Calgary landscapers and find one who you want to work with. Alternatively, if you have a vision in your head, but you’re wondering where to get the best mulches, soils, and aggregates in order to realize your dream, you can seek help for that too. At Soil Kings, we believe we offer Calgarians a great variety of superior soils, mulches, and aggregates, and our helpful, experienced team is always happy to give advice about which material will best serve your project.

Have you started considering how you want to improve your landscaping for next year? Need some help choosing the right materials to get the job done? You’ve come to the right place! At Soil Kings, you’ll find the highest quality aggregates, soils, and mulches. But don’t take our word for it — come by our location at 71 Technology Way. You can handle our products and see them with your own eyes. That way when spring rolls around, you can order from us with confidence.