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Improve Your Soil This Fall

Improve Your Soil This Fall - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies Calgary - Featured Image

Come spring, most Calgarians want their plants to sprout and their lawn to green up as fast as possible. When desired plants establish themselves early in the season, they’re better prepared to compete against weeds and resist pests. One of the most important factors in helping your plants to thrive early is the soil.


The ideal soil will absorb moisture well but offer good drainage, so roots don’t drown. It’ll be rich with nutrients but not saturated with high concentrations of a single element (like nitrogen) which will burn delicate plants. Great soil will attract helpful microbes and organisms, like earthworms, which work symbiotically with your plants.


Autumn is the perfect time to make improvements to your soil, so your plants get the jump start you want come spring.


Aged Compost.

While it’s important to be careful with chemical fertilizers to ensure you’re adding the right balance of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen at the right times, your garden and flower beds will always benefit from high quality, straight compost. Our organic aged compost is made using leaf and yard waste, and it offers all the nutrients your plants desire without the acidity. As your plants fall dormant, till in a generous helping of compost to about a 2” depth in your existing soil to supplement your vegetable garden and flower beds.



As a short term and long term investment in your soil, it’s hard to beat mulch. Mulch actively works to limit erosion and reduce weeds. It slowly decomposes over the year, providing a slow but consistent flow of nutrients into your flower beds. Fine pieces of mulch that naturally mix into your soil, preventing compaction and increasing both the drainability and how much moisture is available to your plants without risking root rot.


A thick blanket of mulch also helps to insulate the soil against sharp temperature changes. In Calgary, this is especially important. Chinooks bring relief from the winter, but they can be catastrophic to your trees if they begin to wake up too early.


Worm Castings.

A 6 litre pail of nature’s perfect plant food is exactly what your soil needs. This all natural, organic soil amendment boasts 10 times the nutrients of regular compost and also adds moisture retaining capability to your soil. Use worm castings in a ratio of 1 part casting to 4 parts soil for optimal results, and rest assured that casting will not burn even the most delicate plants.


Worm castings do not need to be tilled into the soil, they can be used to top dress lawns, trees, shrubs, and even house plants. For best results, sprinkle into your flower beds before planting your bulbs this falls.


Autumn is the best time to work on improving your soil. Soil Kings has everything you need to get started. Order online today, and get to work tomorrow.