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Why Our Soil Is the Tightest Screened

Why Our Soil Is the Tightest Screened - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies Calgary

In Calgary, you’ll find many options for sourcing loam. Some businesses offer bagged soil; others (including Soil Kings) think bagged soil pricing is unfair to our customers, so we offer our products in bulk. You’ll also find a wide range of quality in screened loam. We’re proud to say we offer Calgary landscapers the highest quality, tightest screened loam available in the city.


The Easiest Topsoil to Work With.

Dirt doesn’t just come out of the ground ready to be used in gardens, flower beds, and lawns. It’s can be full of roots, large rocks, branches, and rubbish. Your soil supplier has to screen all that junk out, leaving behind just the rich topsoil that’s easy to work with. The tighter the screen, the higher quality the loam created, as we remove the worst of the stones, clumps, and roots.


Our competitors all use larger 5/8″ screens, while Soil Kings uses a 1/2″ (12 mm) screen. This makes our loam easier to work with, while offering excellent quality for anywhere in your or your clients’ yard. When you simply need the best topsoil available for your own yard or for your clients’, you’ll find it at Soil Kings.


A Strong Foundation.

One of the reasons we choose to use tight screens for producing our screened loam is we use this topsoil as the foundation for all of our other garden mixes. We take our already top-quality screened loam and screen it again. Then we carefully blend it with aged compost and other amendments, such as mulch (perfect for retaining moisture where your plants need it most). We’re extremely proud of both our 70/30 and KINGS Premium garden mixes, and it all starts with our top notch screened loam.


It’s About Doing it Right.

For over a decade, Soil Kings has provided quality topsoil and organic soil blends to residential gardeners and professional Calgary landscapers. While many of our competitors act as middlemen who get their products from third party soil screeners, at Soil Kings there is no middleman. We screen our loam ourselves and blend our garden mixes in-house. Since we craft our own products, we take pride in the quality of our work. You won’t find any second-rate products at Soil Kings.


Do you need the best topsoil available for your project? You’ve come to the right place! Order our screened loam or one of our organic soil blends online today.