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How to Apply Mulch to Maximize Plant Growth

Apply Mulch to Maximize Plant Growth

Mulch is an excellent tool for improving the health of your plants and the quality of your garden. Mulch is a layer of material applied to the soil surface around your plants. It serves as a covering to suppress weeds, conserve moisture and regulate soil temperature. As a bonus, mulch can be used to enhance the appearance of your garden. There are many ways to apply mulch, and in this blog, we will be sharing the best ways to apply mulch to maximize plant growth. 


  1. Pick the Right Mulch

Choosing the right mulch is important to ensure healthy plant growth. Mulch helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, regulate soil temperature, improve soil quality, control erosion, deter pests and diseases, and enhance the aesthetics of a garden or landscape. You should consider factors such as plant type, climate and soil conditions when selecting the appropriate mulch.

Soil Kings is pleased to offer the following top-quality mulch:

a. Bowcrow Mulch- This mulch is completely natural and made from an aromatic blend of shredded pine and spruce bark. It naturally retains soil moisture, reducing water consumption. 

b. Cedar Mulch- This is one of the most aromatic and durable landscaping mulches on the market. It is wind resistant and has natural herbicide and antifungal properties which help control weeds and prevent mushrooms.

c. Black Premium Mulch-This mulch is made up of wood chips that are dyed black with all-natural vegetable-based colourants.

d. Red Mulch- Very similar to the Black Premium Mulch, this mulch is made from wood pieces and coloured red using an all-natural, vegetable-based dye that gives a striking, red colour.

e. Parkland Premium Plus- This mulch is made of finely ground pine and spruce bark. It is very effective at retaining soil moisture and insulating your plants.

f.  Montane Garden Mulch- This extremely fine mulch has a beautiful aroma and is ideal in areas with low wind. 


  1. Prepare the Soil

Once you have identified the type of mulch you need, you need to prepare the soil. It is essential to prepare the soil to allow the mulch to penetrate the soil and provide nutrients to the plant roots. Start by removing any weeds or debris and loosen the soil to a depth of at least six inches. 


  1. Apply a Layer of Mulch

Once the soil is prepared, apply a layer of mulch around your plants. Make sure not to apply too little or too much. The ideal depth for mulch is between two and four inches. It is important to leave a small gap around the plant stem to prevent rot.


  1. Water your mulch

 After applying mulch, water the area thoroughly to help settle the mulch into place. This can help prevent the mulch from being displaced. 


  1. Maintain your mulch

Mulch will break down over time, so it’s essential to reapply it as needed. If you notice that the mulch layer has become thin or has decomposed, it’s best to add more. Watering your mulch will also help to prevent it from drying out and sucking moisture out of your soil. 

Applying mulch is an easy and effective way to maximize plant growth and improve the health of your garden. By choosing the right type of mulch and applying it correctly, you can conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature. Ready to give mulch a shot? Soil Kings has the best mulch products available for pickup or delivery. Contact us today!