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What Colour Mulch is Best for My Garden?

What Colour Mulch is Best

Using mulch in your garden is a great way to provide multiple benefits at once. You get a wind block, weed repellent, nutrient provider and beautiful aesthetic all in one! The many benefits of mulch make it a great choice for homeowners and commercial landscapers alike. But, despite all these benefits, one question always comes up in discussions about mulch: What colour is best for my garden?

Today, Soil Kings examines the three main colours of mulch: red, black and natural bark. We describe the benefits of each and where their unique traits can have the most impact. You can learn much about how to harness the aesthetic power of mulch, so keep reading and get all the details down below.

The Best Applications for Each Mulch Colour

Red Mulch

Red mulch is a unique and vibrant product that can really brighten up an area. Although the material is most commonly found in commercial or industrial areas, small amounts can be used to great effect in residential gardens as well. In gardens with light-coloured plants especially, red mulch creates a visually appealing look. To harness the aesthetic appeal of red mulch without vegetation, however, you can consider it as a contrast to a rock garden as well. 

Black Mulch

Black mulch is a crowd favourite for anyone looking for a long-term, low-effort mulch. The mulch retains its colour for quite some time, making it a solid choice for anyone who wants a striking look to add to their garden. Plus, it can help many plants stand out in terms of contrast, further reinforcing its use as a visual boost. Just keep in mind that the dark colour makes the mulch hotter, so avoid planting any delicate plants in garden beds with black mulch. 

Natural Bark Mulch

Natural Bark mulch products are the best all-around choice you can make for a garden and landscaping project. They provide all the benefits of mulch without radically changing the landscape, meaning they have near limitless applications. Natural bark mulches look just as good on a commercial lawn as they do in a backyard because they so closely match the colour of the soil. At Soil Kings, we carry a Cedar Bark Mulch, as well as our Bowcrow Mulch™ which is a pine and spruce bark mulch mixture, and our Parkland Premium Plus™ Mulch which is similar to Bowcrow™ but ground more finely with smaller pieces overall. 

Still, it is important to keep in mind that these mulches do have downsides. For instance, the relatively short lifespan of the product means you will need to add more material each year if you want to keep up the same vibrant looks. 

To learn more about which colour of mulch is right for your garden, or to find several great mulch options, turn to Soil Kings. Our friendly and approachable staff are ready and willing to assist you in finding the perfect product for your garden.