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Tips for Storing and Using Screened Topsoil

Storing and Using Screened Topsoil

Every landscaping project thrives on a solid foundation, and that foundation is none other than the soil beneath our feet. Screened topsoil is indispensable in nurturing your outdoor space. This uppermost layer of soil has been screened to remove debris like rocks and roots, leaving nutrient-rich, finely textured soil that’s like a cozy home for your plants. In this blog, we will share valuable
tips for storing and using screened topsoil to ensure optimal results for all your landscaping needs. 


  1. Select the Right Storage Location:

Before delving into the usage tips, let’s start with proper storage. If you’re not planning to use your screened topsoil immediately, it’s crucial to store it in the right location. Choose a well-drained area that’s not prone to flooding. Ideally, create a raised platform or storage bin to prevent waterlogging and maintain the quality of the soil. Exposure to excess moisture can lead to compaction and loss of valuable nutrients.


  1. Use a Protective Cover:

Shield your screened topsoil from the elements by using a protective cover. This can be a tarp, heavy-duty plastic sheeting, or even wooden boards. A cover prevents rainwater from saturating the soil and minimizes the risk of erosion due to wind. Ensure the cover is securely fastened to prevent it from blowing away during storms.


  1. Rotate Your Stock:

If you have multiple piles of screened topsoil, remember to practice rotation. Use the oldest batch first to prevent the soil from becoming compacted or depleted of nutrients over time. By using the “first in, first out” principle, you maintain the freshness and quality of your soil supply.


  1. Keep an Eye on Moisture Levels:

Maintaining the right moisture level in your screened topsoil is essential for successful landscaping projects. Soil that’s too dry can hinder root growth, while overly wet soil can lead to compaction and nutrient leaching. Regularly check the moisture content and adjust watering as needed to keep the soil in optimal condition.


  1. Aerate the Soil:

Screened topsoil can become compacted over time, reducing its ability to support healthy plant growth. To counter this, use a garden fork or mechanical aerator to gently loosen the soil structure. Aeration improves water penetration, root development, and nutrient absorption, all of which contribute to vibrant landscaping.


  1. Test and Amend the Soil:

Before planting, it’s wise to test your screened topsoil’s pH and nutrient levels. This helps you identify any deficiencies or imbalances that could hinder plant growth. Depending on the results, amend the soil with appropriate organic matter, compost, or fertilizers. Regular soil testing and amendments ensure your landscape thrives year after year.


  1. Employ Proper Mulching Techniques:

Mulching is a key practice for retaining soil moisture, suppressing weeds, and moderating temperature fluctuations. Apply a layer of organic mulch, such as Bowcrow or any other Soil Kings’ natural mulch, to the surface of your topsoil. This protective layer not only enhances plant health but also helps maintain the integrity of the soil structure.


  1. Maintain Regular Care:

Once your landscape is established, the work doesn’t stop there. Regular maintenance, including watering, fertilizing, pruning, and weeding, is essential to ensure your plants continue to flourish. Monitor the health of your plants and soil, making adjustments as necessary to address any issues that arise.


Quality soil is the foundation of a thriving landscape. By following the tips for storing and using screened topsoil, you can ensure that your screened topsoil remains of the highest quality throughout storage and use. Soil Kings is proud to offer Calgarians the tightest screened soil. 

Our high-quality soil is easy to work with and has a variety of uses, mostly for under sod or bringing upgrades on your property. Order straight from the soil screener with no middleman!