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The Role of Fertilizers in Soil Health

Feeding Fertilizer for Healthy Soil


Like all living things, plants need an abundance of nutrients to grow and flourish. These nutrients are embedded in the soil. You may have heard that fertilizers play an important role for soil health, and healthy soil equals healthy plants, but how does fertilizer work?

Think of fertilizer as a vitamin supplement the soil needs to thrive. Plants need minerals, microorganisms, water and air to grow and these essential components are derived from fertile soil. Fertilizer is a natural or chemical substance that makes the soil more fertile to support plant growth. It acts as a supplement to provide the soil with more essential nutrients it needs to be healthy. 

Four Ways Fertilizers Impact Soil Health:

Improve Soil Texture

Fertilizers improve soil texture by adding organic matter to the soil, preventing it from being too dense or too moist. Soil with the right texture is more fertile and supports long-term plant growth. 

Improve Water Retention

Fertilizer affects how well the soil retains water. When you water plants, the water falls to the ground and travels down through the soil. Healthy soil holds more water for better plant growth. As an added advantage, better water retention means you don’t have to water plants as frequently. 

Improve Air Circulation

Fertilizers allow the soil to get more air needed for respiration and to create energy for growth. Proper air circulation in the soil makes gases available for the growth of plants and the macro or microorganisms present in it. 

Increase Soil Nutrients

Healthy soil needs a good supply of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to support plant growth. These nutrients are used by all plants in varying quantities. Most soils lack enough of one or more of these elements to sustain healthy plant growth. Fertilizers make these three elements more accessible through the soil. 

It is important to maintain healthy soil to sustain long-term plant growth. We have the products you need to maintain healthy soil. Contact us today.