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KINGS Premium Garden Mix (50% screened loam, 50% amendments)

Screened Loam vs KINGS Premium Garden Mix - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies Calgary

This special mix contains screened loam, a fine mulch (great for water retention), and extra compost to enrich the soil and sustain better, healthier, and more vigorous plant growth. The water-holding capacity, moisture availability, soil aeration, drainage and workability of our premium garden soil are greatly improved over regular topsoil. This mix has the extra nutrients you require for your gardens and flower beds.

Primary uses: ideal for creating new planting gardens, reviving and replenishing existing garden areas, for planting trees and shrubs, and for planting flowers and garden vegetables.

PRODUCT RATIO: 50% SCREENED LOAM, 50% AMENDMENTS (compost and fine mulch).