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Have You Started Top Dressing Your Lawn?

Have You Started Top Dressing Your Lawn? - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

For a long time, synthetic practices have ruled as the leading method for keeping lawns green and free of weeds. But as more and more Calgarians become interested in eco-friendly practices, we’ve seen a steep rise in organic lawn care and a return to more traditional practices. One of the best methods for ensuring your lawn can thrive without the help of modern chemical fertilizers is top dressing.


Top Dressing is accomplished by spreading a thin layer of rich organic material over your grass. Ideally, you should aim to add about ¼ to ½ inch of compost, worm castings, or another high quality soil amendment. This is enough material to benefit your lawn, but not enough to bury it alive. It’s useful to note that top dressing is a labour-intensive activity, so you may want to consider hiring a Calgary landscaper to help.


Benefits of Top Dressing.

It’s hard to overstate just how great top dressing is for your lawn. Top dressing vastly improves the soil biology of your lawn by adding much needed organic matter as well as the beneficial microorganisms that thrive in top quality compost. If your yard has a problem with soil structure or drainage, you can even include sand in your top dressing to further modify the composition of your soil. Top dressing reduces lawn stress, controls thatch, acts a long-term fertilizer, and can even smooth out bumps in your lawn — all while encouraging healthy grass growth.


Which Materials Should You Use?

While we understand that every yard is different and which top dressing treatment is best for your yard will be determined by your lawn’s unique needs and your budget, there are some materials that consistently offer excellent results. Aged compost that is dark, rich, and free of fillers is always going to be a great option. And Soil Kings’ premium aged compost can be ordered online and delivered contact free for a social-distancing approved experience. Worm castings can be blended into your compost for an extra punch.


If top dressing with compost isn’t compatible with your budget, consider top dressing with 7030 garden mix for a more affordable option. This garden soil blend is 30% compost  — nature’s perfect long term nutrient dispenser — mixed with top quality, screened loam.


Ready for a naturally more beautiful lawn? Soil Kings has everything you need to top dress your yard. Order your compost or garden soil online today and have it delivered tomorrow!