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Best Uses for Washed Sand

Best Uses for Washed Sand - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

When it comes to landscaping, sand can be an incredibly important and versatile material, the importance of which cannot be underestimated. But what exactly are people using this material for?


3mm Washed Sand.

Soil Kings’ finest sand is the right material for landscaping and exterior renovations. High quality, fine sand is necessary for bricklaying, masonry work, stucco work, and for filling the joints in and around paving stones. Our 3mm washed sand is just the right size and consistency for this work. We can also recommend this sand for substrate under swings and playsets at home or for play sand in the sandbox.


5mm Washed Sand.

Our coarser, 5mm sand is also useful in some construction projects, like mixing concrete and laying paving stones. Mixing high quality concrete requires the right type and size of sand. Our 5mm washed sand is perfect for this job. Washed sand can also be useful to loosen up the soil in gardens and flowerbeds.


Much of the dirt in Calgary was dragged in by glaciers 10,000 years ago. Few yards naturally have a perfect balance of sand, clay, silt, and soil amendments, like compost. Instead, much of the dirt in Calgary can be classed as either clay or clay loam. Clay is hard to dig in, but it holds on to water really well. Ideally, gardening soil will be a nice blend of clay, silt and sand (the sand makes the soil workable and adds drainability, while the clay ensures enough moisture stays put) and high quality soil amendments.


If your soil is hard to work with or is failing to produce large, healthy plants, we recommend adding sand to loosen the soil and worm castings to punch up the nutrition. Of course, if blending washed sand into unworkable clay loam sound unappealing and laborious, you can’t recommend our KINGS Premium garden mix enough. This special soil blend contains double screened, well balanced loam, a fine mulch (great for water retention), and extra compost to enrich the soil. It’s the perfect garden mix for sustaining better, healthier, and more vigorous plant growth.


Whether you need play sand for a sandbox or superior quality garden mix for your flowerbeds, you’ll find all the best landscaping supplies at Soil Kings. Order your washed sand and other landscaping products online today, and we’ll deliver them tomorrow!