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5 Benefits of Using Limestone for your Landscaping

Benefits of Limestone

We offer a wide variety of limestone products for your outdoor projects. While in many cases, limestone can be viewed as simply an aesthetic choice for your garden, offering wonderful border materials and pathway gravel, there is far more to this sturdy material than meets the eye. 

Believe it or not, limestone has been used in gardening applications for centuries, as this wondrous little rock packs a lot of punch when it comes to what it can do for the health of your plant life. 


No Toxins

Limestone has a wide variety of hidden benefits, the most prominent being its ability to prevent harsh toxins from invading your soil. This is achieved by balancing calcium levels in your soil while also keeping other compounds in check, such as aluminum, magnesium and phosphorus. Limestone also functions as a crucial layer of defence when it comes to your soil’s pH levels. 



Soil can be subject to a lot of stress, and this can result in certain healthy traits being reduced or removed completely as a result. Magnesium is a crucial nutrient in soil and limestone functions as a wonderful incubator, as it has an inherent trait that boosts magnesium richness in soil. 


pH Balance 

Another one of the benefits of limestone is its ability to balance your soil’s pH. This functions as a neutralizer, meaning the acidity of your soil won’t go haywire, as long as limestone is there to keep it in line, your soil’s pH will be well guarded. 


Herbicide Assistance 

If you’re applying herbicides in your garden, you’ll need soil that is balanced in a way that is hospitable to its properties. Limestone’s neutralizing pH properties help herbicides thrive in your soil. 


Fertilizer Friendly 

Limestone works wonderfully with fertilizer as well and regardless of its consistency, as long as it is properly blended with your soil, it will make sure your fertilizer works to its fullest effect. 

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