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Screened topsoil (loam)

$12 per cubic yd (minimum charge $40) + delivery

Soil Kings screened loam comes from a topsoil stockpile that is then been screened through a 1/2″ (12 mm) screen. We are proud to offer Calgarians the tightest screened soil as our competitors use larger, 5/8″ screens.

Our high quality soil is easy to work with since most of the debris, including soil clumps, large rocks, and roots have been removed. Our screened loam is the best in the city and has a variety of uses. We would love for you to try it out for your lawn or garden. Accept no imitators!


Unscreened topsoil (raw loam)

$7 per cubic yd (minimum charge $40) + delivery

Raw Loam refers simply to our topsoil that has been taken straight off the stockpile and not screened. Because raw loam skips the screening process, it may contain large rocks, clumps, roots, and other debris.

7030 Garden Mix (70% screened loam, 30% compost)

$40 per cubic yd (minimum charge $40) + delivery
Calgary Landscape

This basic garden mix adds compost to our screened topsoil product. After mixing, we then screen the soil again, creating a double-screened, fertilized soil that is rich in nutrients. The name comes from the composition: 70% screened loam, 30% compost. We use our quality, aged compost made from leaf & yard waste which is extremely rich in nutrients but does not have the extreme acidic qualities of other composts.


KINGS Premium Garden Mix (50% screened loam, 50% amendments)

$50 per cubic yd + delivery

This special mix contains screened loam, a fine mulch (great for water retention), and extra compost to enrich the soil and sustain better, healthier, and more vigorous plant growth. The water-holding capacity, moisture availability, soil aeration, drainage and workability of our premium garden soil are greatly improved over regular topsoil. This mix has the extra nutrients you require for your gardens and flower beds.

Primary uses: ideal for topdressing lawn areas, creating new planting gardens, reviving and replenishing existing garden areas, for planting trees and shrubs, and for planting flowers and garden vegetables.

PRODUCT RATIO: 50% SCREENED LOAM, 50% AMENDMENTS (compost and fine mulch).

Aged Compost

$70 per cubic yd + delivery
Calgary Landscape

Looking for a quality straight compost to add to your garden or flower beds? We offer the same aged compost made from the city composting program that we use in our garden mixes for pickup or delivery. This organic compost is aged, and it packs the extra nutrients you desire without the extreme acidity of other types of compost. Till in this compost at about a 2″ depth with your existing soil to supplement any flower or vegetable garden.


$30 per cubic yd + delivery
Calgary Landscape

For use as a base in building and construction projects.

Worm Castings Soil Amendment

$30 per pail + delivery
Calgary Landscape

Soil Kings is pleased to offer a 6-liter pail of worm castings available for pickup or delivery. Worm castings (or worm compost) has been called, “nature’s perfect plant food.” This all-natural, organic soil amendment has 10 times the nutrients of regular compost, including 5 times the nitrate, 7 times the phosphorous, and 3 times the magnesium.

Worm castings should be used in a ratio of 1 part casting to 4 parts soil and will not burn even the most delicate plants. They add moisture retaining capability to soil because they hold 2-3 times their weight in water. Worm castings also aid in soil aeration and provide beneficial enzymes and microbes to the soil. Worm castings can be used to top dress lawns, trees, shrubs, or house plants. It can also be sprinkled into vegetable or flower planting rows before planting.