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River Rock 4-12″ (delivery only)

$110 per cubic yd + delivery

A large screened rock that can be used for decorative stone in rock gardens, pond construction and bank stabilization.

20mm Tan Rock

$80 per cubic yd + delivery

A light tan washed rock used for decorative purposes. A less expensive alternative to other decorative rocks.

3mm Washed Sand

$50 per cubic yd + delivery

A fine sand that can be used for brick laying, masonry work, stucco work, for filling the joints in and around paving stones, and also as play sand.

5mm Washed Sand

$50 per cubic yd + delivery

A coarser sand used for mixing concrete, loosening up soils in gardens and flowerbeds, and also underneath paving stones.

Recycled Asphalt (delivery only)

$40 per cubic yd + delivery

A material used mostly for pathways and driveway. Keeps dust down as opposed to using road gravel.

7mm washed Gyra rock (delivery only)

$40 per cubic yd + delivery

Gyra rock is used in some landscaping, including play areas, and is also used for ice control.